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The company

AGUAESPEJO is an international company based in Spain dedicated to culture, specializing in Flamenco and Tango for over 40 years. Alongside Andart, it's one of the leading organizations contributing significantly to Tango and Flamenco on an international scale. It has spearheaded Tango festivals and created the Buenos Aires Flamenco Biennial.

Presently, it continues its oldest festival, the Granada International Tango Festival, in its 36th edition, and is working on organizing the upcoming Buenos Aires Flamenco Biennial. It operates as a representative company, contracting Flamenco and Jazz artists such as Rosario La Tremendita, Sandra Carrasco, David de Arahal, Leonor Leal, Sergio de Lope, among others, for international tours.

Activity: Promoter and agency 

Genres: Flamenco, Tango, Jazz



The Buenos Aires Flamenco Biennial Editions in 2009, 2011, 2013. The project for the fourth edition is currently in progress.

As a Flamenco producer, in addition to creating the Buenos Aires Flamenco Biennial, it has collaborated on shows with leading figures like Enrique Morente, Estrella Morente, Arcángel, Carmen Linares, Chano Domínguez, La Martirio, Jorge Pardo, Sergio de Lope, Rosario La Tremendita, Olga Pericet, Patricia Guerrero, Mayte Martín, and many more.

It has participated in shows at prestigious theaters and festivals worldwide, including EXPO 2022 DUBAI, Katara Festival (Qatar), Teatro Real de Madrid, Madrid Flamenco Festival, Noche Blanca del Flamenco de Córdoba, Flamenco Festival New York, Flamenco Festival London, Seville Flamenco Biennial, Babylon Europa EUNIC (Berlin, Germany), Aufbau de Kreutzberg Theater (Berlin, Germany), Teatro Nacional Mohamed V, Rabat (Morocco), Teatro IC, Casablanca (Morocco), Teatro Dar Attakafa, Marrakech (Morocco), Festival Tres Culturas de Murcia, Cartagena Jazz Festival, Festival Tres Culturas de Sevilla, Anniversary of Casa Mediterráneo, Arrecife de las Música (Canary Islands), Úbeda Music and Dance Festival, Flamenco y Mestizos Festival, among many others.

Additionally, it contributed to coordinating the 20th anniversary of the Flamenco Festival New York, featuring 53 Flamenco companies in more than 20 major U.S. stages.


Directed and organized by Andart. Horacio Rebora

Produces and coordinates: Elena Rebora

Among the leading international organizations, Andart has significantly contributed to Tango, programming contemporary Tango maestros. It has been responsible for propelling many other Tango careers, with the Granada International Tango Festival and the World Tango Summit being standout events in the Tango world.

As a Tango producer, it has brought renowned artists like Osvaldo Pugliese, Horacio Ferrer, Roberto Goyeneche, Eladia Blázquez, Nestor Marconi, Leopoldo Federico, and many more to Europe.

The Granada International Tango Festival, now in its 36th edition, is a pioneering event where contemporary Tango greats have performed and continue to do so.

The World Tango Summit, created in 1992, stands as a significant cultural space where the host city connects with invited cities, reinforcing Tango's status as an urban culture. The summit has been celebrated in cities such as Buenos Aires, Granada, Montevideo, Lisbon, Rosario, Seville, Valparaíso, Bariloche, Seinajöki, Zárate, and Melilla. This year, it will take place in Zarate.

Among other cultural activities, Andart has organized various festivals in different national cities. This year's active festivals include:

Sagunto International Tango Festival: Celebrating its 20th edition this year.

Torrejón de Ardoz International Tango Festival: In its 14th edition, held at the Jose María Rodero Theater. It is the only Tango Festival in the Community of Madrid.

Malaga International Tango Festival: A prominent event on the Costa del Sol, held at the Echegaray Theater.

Chiclana de la Frontera International Tango Festival: After its first successful edition in 2021, the second edition is set to continue its promising future as a stable programming in the city.




Distribution and management of Flamenco, Jazz, and Tango artists, organizing concerts with renowned figures like Chano Domínguez, La Martirio, Héctor Alterio, Duquende, Jorge Pardo, Paco Soto, Sergio de Lope, Rosario La Tremendita, among others, from 2020 to 2023.


  • The Buenos Aires Flamenco Biennial
  • 35th Granada International Tango Festival
  • World Tango Summit (upcoming editions in Zárate, Argentina, and Sicily, Italy)
  • Buenos Aires Flamenco Biennial (Argentina)
  • 15th Torrejón de Ardoz International Tango Festival
  • 11th Malaga International Tango Festival
  • 3rd Chiclana de la Frontera International Tango Festival
  • 14th Sagunto International Tango Festival



  • "ELLAS" – Sergio de Lope with Mor Karbasi, Abir El Abed, and Angeles Toledano
  • "LO QUE VENDRÁ" – Héctor Alterio and La máquina del Tango
  • "ETERNO ASTOR" – Chano Dominguez, Fabian Carbone, and Real Soloists
  • "EL ENCUENTRO" – Martirio, Daniel Binelli, and Polly Ferman
  • "DUQUENDE al cante" – Duquende, Paco Soto, and Sabú Porrina



  • 20th Flamenco Festival USA featuring 29 Flamenco companies (New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, or Miami) | September 2019 - April 2020
  • Production of Carmen Linares, Arcángel, and Marina Heredia's show at the Generalife (Granada, La Alhambra) | 2020
  • Veranos en la Muralla Ávila Festival | SEDA 2019
  • Production of the Spanish tour of Sivio Rodriguez and OSNC | SEDA 2019
  • Distribution of Theater and Dance shows at SEDA, Specialized Art Distribution Services. Madrid | January - August 2019
  • Distribution at AZARTE theater and company | 2020

Horacio Rebora, Direction ANDART (TANGO)

Horacio Rebora was born in Córdoba (Argentina) and, following the military coup of 1976, had to seek exile abroad, residing in Madrid, Gothenburg, and Lun in Sweden. In 1980, he settled in Granada (Spain), where he has lived since then.

In 1980, he founded "La Tertulia," a bar that swiftly became the city's leading cultural hub, hosting cultural activities almost daily. La Tertulia has been honored as an Ateneista alongside singer Miguel Ríos and flamenco singer Enrique Morente. It was awarded the Andalusian Flag of Culture and, on May 13, will receive the Granada Book Fair 2022 prize.

Co-created the Granada Cultural Embassy in Buenos Aires with the Latin American Solidarity Committee, under the motto "A Toast to Democracy."

He directed and established the International Tango Festivals in Granada and other cities and organized 11 World Tango Summits. By 2022, more than 140 events, including World Summits and Festivals, had been directed and produced by him. He programmed and coordinated three Flamenco Biennials in Buenos Aires and co-authored the book "Las Palabras del SXX" with Miguel Mateos. He initiated the Encounter of Culture between America and Latin Europe.

 He organized the Spanish delegation for the INTERNATIONAL PHILOSOPHY CONGRESS held in Córdoba, Argentina, and created and managed the "CULTURE IN EDUCATION" project for four years, sponsored by the Andalusian Regional Government in high schools.

As a speaker, he has presented at several prestigious institutions like the Complutense University Summer School (El Escorial), the International University of Andalusia, Caballero Bonald Foundation in Jerez, Casa de las Américas in Cádiz, various vocational training centers, and more.

Recognitions include the Medal of Culture by the City Council and the Provincial Council for his contribution to Granada's cultural activity. He is an honorary academic and corresponding member of the Argentine Tango Academy. He was declared an outstanding figure in culture by the Legislature of Buenos Aires City. He is the creator and editor of numerous collective books, including "Granada Tango," "Argentina 78," "La Tertulia Memoria Coral," "Granada Tango Festival 25 years," "Latinos," "Lo Natural y Artificial" Anthology of Granada's Poets, "Del Otro Lado de la Barra," among others.

In September 2023, he is set to hold an exhibition on the Festivals of Granada and the World Tango Summits at the National Tango Academy of the Argentine Republic, perhaps the most significant activity in his career to come.

ALVARO REVUELTO, Production and General Coordination